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Unreal started with a question from a kid. “Why does the junk food we love have to be so bad for us? Great question right? Well, it gets better from there. You have to check out this company and their story. It’s a big middle finger to all the mega-corporations who think they can sell us foods that cause disease and then sell us drugs to treat the diseases they are creating. Once again, it shows that nature in its purest form always gets it right. Corn syrup? Out. Partially hydrogenated oils? Out. GMOs? Out. Artificial colors, flavors, and preservatives? Out. Reduced sugar by over 40% per serving on average? Replaced with responsibly sourced ingredients, supporting farming communities and preventing destruction of the rain forests. All ingredients are non GMO and dairy comes from pasture raised cows with no antibiotics or added hormones. All ingredients your body recognizes and can put to work. Why? Because it’s the right thing to do.

Aside from the story itself they have products that are designed well, portioned into 200 calorie packages, tastes as good if not better than the competitor and is priced at or below what the junk is selling for. They really have left you no excuses if you are going to eat these types of treats, not to eat theirs. Their mission is simple and beautiful. Unjunk food.

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